Vision and Mission

An organization of competent, ethical and socially responsive health care professionals who advocate for the recognition, prevention and care of people with hematologic disorders in order to attain optimum health and well-being.

The PSHBT promotes the recognition, prevention and care of people with hematologic disorders by fostering:

• Heightened awareness of blood disorders through public education
• Training of healthcare professionals and partners
• Collaboration in the conduct of relevant research initiatives


Professionalism (excellence based on standards of care and ethics)
Service (extension of holistic support to the sick and the needy)
Honesty (transparency and accountability in the practice of the profession)
Benevolence (compassion in the service of the sick and the needy)
Timeliness (relevance and significance that remains attuned to the times)


• Create awareness and enhance knowledge among the general public about hematologic disorders
• Promote continuing professional education among our health care members and partners
• Collaborate with government and non-government agencies for health policy making in the field of hematology
• Initiate and coordinate multicenter and multi-sectoral research activities
• Establish networks with local and international organizations in research
• Expand membership to include allied health professionals with special interest in Hematology

These strategic goals shall guide the society future direction but will necessitate organizational changes in the following areas –
• Constitution and By-laws
• Organizational structure
• Organizational culture anchored on core values

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